Sunday, April 01, 2012

the months, they fly by...

happy April!

so...March kind of kicked my butt. But, that's a little bit fair because I totally kicked February's butt!!

here's the goals rundown(s):

February goals:
  • blog once per week. Done! According to how I calculate "weeks" anyway. ;)
  • ride my bike to work. Done! Could have done more, but without the goal I probably wouldn't've gone at all. And I've gone a few more times since - weather is ridiculous this winter/spring, I LOVE it.
  • race a 5k. Done! Freaking freezing morning, and I handily beat my time a few weeks later at the St Patty's Day 8k - so now I'm on the hunt for a cheap, timed 5k to make it official.
  • do a swim workout. Done! And I've done a few more since - off of a "sprint" training plan in the Triathlete's Magazine, which keeps me much more amused than trying to just keep swimming...
Butt. Kicked. ;)

I've observed Lent every year since I high school, at least...and those goals have kept me pretty occupied during March. For Lent, I gave up sweet things (including fruit because I am just nutso), and stopped cussing. The cussing was actually much more difficult in the beginning - it's so insidious - but in this final week or two before Easter, avoiding and saying no to all sweets has been incredibly difficult. Also, I'm mad about it because I haven't lost a single pound. Grr.

I also have been avoiding gluten, which has made me feel IMMENSELY better but I'm quickly running out of things I can eat. Sigh.

I did, though, have some only-in-my-head goals for March:
  • try a flip turn (I'm terrified of them). Done - did it yesterday! Took 3 tries, plus a few somersaults in the middle, deeper part of the pool, but yay!
  • stand up on my bike (easy on a spin bike, scares me on a real bike). Done - did this a few times this week and maybe last week too? Not hard in the slightest, which is the most exciting part to me.
  • bike to work once per week. Nope. Maybe if I'd made it a written-down goal.
  • keep blogging once per week. Ha. Hahahahaha. Oh well, try again this month?

which brings us to April goals!
  • go back to blogging at least once per week. February redux.
  • bike to work once per week. March redux.
  • swim at least once per week. Figure out how fast I need to be to not embarrass myself at a tri.
  • go on a trail run.
  • push-pull-up challenge! I'm in an aerial dance class that is kicking my BUTT and I need to build my arm strength. I'm making up the challenge on the spot...let's say, do 50 push-ups and 50 (assisted) pull-ups per week. Which is probably low but I want to make it something achievable and hopefully not injury-prone. Breaks down to less than 20 per day.
  • quit dithering and sign up for the May half-marathon and/or an Oly triathlon (currently have my eye on Rock Hall but maybe it's too small and too soon?).
  • sign up for the birthday race.

no foolin fact this is possibly the first year in many that I haven't tried to play a trick on anyone. I myself am incredibly gullible so I've generally been avoiding all links and articles today.

does anyone else have April goals?? Tell me tell me! I love to read goals posts.

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