Tuesday, August 22, 2006

rock on!

I went to a rock concert last night. By myself, because it was on short notice and none of my friends could make it. I am not, in case you weren't already aware of this, a go-to-a-rock-concert kind of girl, in general. I am most emphatically not a go-to-a-rock-concert-by-myself girl. But I had a totally awesome time. I love Bowling For Soup (introduced to me on pandora by a good buddy who lives too far away from me right now). The band has a slightly odd following -- either very geeky (me! me!) or in Junior High School. With their parents. Pretty energetic, and most of the crowd knew nearly all of the lyrics to nearly all of the songs. So fun!

But next time? Someone please please remind me that shoving 200 people into a bar with no A/C and no ventilation, with hot stage lights and constant jumping/moshing (me!) and occasional crowd surfing (not me. no way.), is not conducive to wearing a heavy long-sleeve shirt (even if it is low-cut) and tight jeans. Even if it is freezing cold outside, I should always always wear a tank top and short skirt to concerts. Always.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Depression by numbers

I'm bummed out about a lot of things lately.

Number of days I have cried this week: 3
Number of times my sweetie has called me this week: 1
Number of minutes my boss has acknowledged that I exist this week: 0
Number of tasks I have accomplished this week: 10
Number of tasks of import that I have accomplished this week: 0
Number of times this week I have thought about quitting it all and moving back home: many

Number of jeans I ordered online: 3
Number of new jeans that fit: 0
Number of old jeans that fit: 2
Number of pounds I need to lose to fit into new jeans: probably 7
Number of pounds I need to lose to fit into old skinny jeans: 13
Number of pounds I resolved to lose as a New Year's resolution: 12
Number of pounds I have lost since January 1: -1

Number of nights I have had lucid unpleasant dreams this week: 6
Number of mornings I woke up before my alarm this week: 1
Number of hours I snoozed my alarm this week: 8

Yeah. I'm blue.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Healing? Maybe?

Wow, my leg must be getting better -- finally! -- because during this morning's jog (only my second time to go jogging since my skiing accident, how much does that suck?) I only felt a few twinges, and generally only during the 9/10 (running) intervals. Yay.

I think I must've hurt more than just my anterior compartment, because that piece of my leg is just fine now. The pain is now stabbing me from the back of my lower leg, sort of inside of my calf. Posterior compartment, maybe? Does that take longer to heal? I wish it would be healed already. But I sort of suspect that I'll get twinges in that leg for possibly the rest of my life. I hope it doesn't terrify me away from ever skiing again...

Monday, May 01, 2006

sugar-dulled sadness

I'm dieting. Sort of half-heartedly, I think, with short bouts of high determination (mostly when I see cute new clothes in catalogs and wish I could look like the models wearing them). I was really successful at this a year ago: took spin classes, went hiking once a week, learned to cook, loved what I was eating, got myself off of sugar, dropped a pound a week for about 3 months, looked incredible. Even, maybe, a little too thin.

But I just can't get myself back on that train. I'm indulging in insane sugar-fests, and exercising sporadically. And, this week, feeling incredibly sorry for my poor injured self and using sweets as the equivalent of hugs. This is ridiculous. I should throw out all of the sweets in my kitchen (there are many. so many.) and hug my kitty when I'm feeling down. Or call a friend. Or sit in the oh-so-infrequent sunshine that has been blessing us with its presence this week. Or hobble down the street and feel blessed that it was a temporary injury, that I'm healing so quickly, and that I can already get around pretty well on my own again. And be in awe of people who deal with so much more difficulty every day of their life, and with much more grace than I.

Okay. Out go the sweets.


Saturday, April 29, 2006


It's a good thing I really like my couch. Because I've spent the last 6 days on it. But I'm healing fast. Maybe I'll be able to get out of the apartment soon. And see real people. Ooh. Real conversations. Strange, for introverted little me to have gone totally stir-crazy in less than a week.

My leg is massively bruised due to last Sunday's tumble down a black diamond slope. My fiance was the only one person to see the tumble, and he said it looked terrifying. I got to ride in one of those ski stretchers. Which are not comfortable, if you ever wondered; the snow/slush/ice kicked up by the ski patrol guy kept hitting my face at high velocity. Fun times. The "bruise" is technically an anterior compartment contusion, so now I'm all contused, ha. I'm not so sure they should really be allowed to call it a bruise, because there's no discoloration at all, which I find disheartening -- if I'm going to be laid up on the couch for 2-6 weeks and miss the rest of the ski season, I want something to show for it!!! Hmm. Is that weird? Or just masochistic.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Howdy folks

Well, really, just howdy to myself since no one is likely to drop by. That's okay. I'm just staking my claim for kdaisy.blogspot.com. Yay me.