Monday, February 14, 2011

butt status

my poor butt bones are soooooo sore from yesterday's spin. :( yet another argument in favor of getting a trainer. I mean, really. I spent a lot of time and a decent amount of money getting a bike seat that works for me. and if I hadn't just lost my camera I'd go out to the shed and take a picture of it, just to show that it looks nothing - nothing! - like the seats on a spin bike.

on second thought, it's ridiculously windy and dark outside, I'm totally not going out there for a picture. ;) fortunately I can access Amazon from the comfort of my couch, and have commenced adding trainers to my wishlist. heh.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

spinning a-c

my hip is still injured from last week's long run. :( I really really have to remember not to push mileage up that quickly. and start taking ibuprofin (doc's orders!) for what is almost-certainly bursitis in the hip. so I dragged my sorry butt to the gym and got on a spin bike for an hour. which translated to the set of songs on my mp3 player starting with the letter 'a' through the letter 'c'...turns out I have a lot of songs that start with 'ch', I nearly gave up. but then Kylie Minogue's Come Into My World came on, and that song always gets me going (plus it's a terrible cool-down song, ha) so...I made it!

and then...I had this:
monkey milkshake

yeah. I don't really have a good excuse for it. but I was starving and grumpy and sad and missing my sweetie and now I feel better. :)

during my spin I held a bunch of imaginary conversations in my head. sometimes replaying conversations that went wrong, but mostly saying things I'd never have the guts to say in real life. :) if only I had an indoor bike trainer, I could distract myself with fabulous bloggy updates or trashy tv or or or...!

speaking of: I honestly cannot decide whether or not to cancel my gym membership. I should. I've only gone once in the last month or so. but on days like today...I wouldn't have gotten a workout in otherwise. so really I should go to the gym more frequently...but I hate that gym. its parking issues, its tvs that are constantly and only tuned to sports channels, and most of all its stingy stinging showers. :( sigh.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

longest run to date

9 miles, along a pretty little trolley-to-trails route:
paved trail into the distance
sunshiney trail

in some gorgeous freaking weather that I dressed all wrong for. oh well. at least I got out there, before stuffing my face with Superbowl Sunday food om nom nom.
paved trail around the bend
idyllic. seriously, who doesn't want to run here!?!
I ran to my latest downloads of DDR songs, my other obsession of late (I'm pretty terrible at it but have made noticeable progress, plus two of my housemates are good enough to carry me). I thought I'd have to cycle through the songs (they're each pretty short, ~1.5mins), but my mp3 player froze for a decent portion of the run, boo. it's been acting up in the cold, might almost be time for a new one. I trudged (ran, jogged, wc) solidly through with the exception of photo-breaks, stopping to gingerly walk across the few supericy spots still on the trail, oh and gawking at this adorable little plane:
two-seater plane
so cute. and look, see the leftover spots of snow.

oh, can someone please explain this phenomenon to me?? I feels like it's an east-coast, maybe just Maryland, thing -- I saw the same thing around Druid Lake in Baltimore.

workout machines outside along the bike trail
exercise-playground equipment? wtf?
the final two miles, both hips were really burning - usually only the right one acts up. hopefully just a hamstring-stretching issue...?

Friday, February 04, 2011


little tip: don't cry while running. makes it really hard to breathe. :/

I actually don't usually think about much while running, really zone out. I hear about people who have the deep thoughts and I'm always tempted to try and use that time for...something useful. but the zoning out has its own uses, fortunately.