Sunday, February 06, 2011

longest run to date

9 miles, along a pretty little trolley-to-trails route:
paved trail into the distance
sunshiney trail

in some gorgeous freaking weather that I dressed all wrong for. oh well. at least I got out there, before stuffing my face with Superbowl Sunday food om nom nom.
paved trail around the bend
idyllic. seriously, who doesn't want to run here!?!
I ran to my latest downloads of DDR songs, my other obsession of late (I'm pretty terrible at it but have made noticeable progress, plus two of my housemates are good enough to carry me). I thought I'd have to cycle through the songs (they're each pretty short, ~1.5mins), but my mp3 player froze for a decent portion of the run, boo. it's been acting up in the cold, might almost be time for a new one. I trudged (ran, jogged, wc) solidly through with the exception of photo-breaks, stopping to gingerly walk across the few supericy spots still on the trail, oh and gawking at this adorable little plane:
two-seater plane
so cute. and look, see the leftover spots of snow.

oh, can someone please explain this phenomenon to me?? I feels like it's an east-coast, maybe just Maryland, thing -- I saw the same thing around Druid Lake in Baltimore.

workout machines outside along the bike trail
exercise-playground equipment? wtf?
the final two miles, both hips were really burning - usually only the right one acts up. hopefully just a hamstring-stretching issue...?

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