Sunday, April 08, 2012

here we go

that seems to be the phrase of the week for me. Even the Handyman was saying it this morning. And it always makes me think of that beer commercial (I am incredibly susceptible to all kinds of marketing), which is sort of annoying. Eh.

nothing terribly exciting to report, just here to check in on my goals. And I just realized that I got one wrong already -- I thought I'd made the goal to bike once a week, but here I find out it's actually to work once a week. Sigh.

this week:
  • Monday: sick/allergies, plus a work-dinner to entice newly-admitted grad students to pick us, pick us! (And let me tell ya, shoving a bunch of CS grads, postdocs, and professors into a house together = socially awkward times, all night long.)
  • Tuesday: easy run with new-to-running friend. Apparently I pushed her pace ;) which took it up into the realm of my easy pace. So that worked out!
  • Wednesday: tempo on the treadmill, really slow cool-down. Got in 30 of my assisted pull-ups and (girly) push-ups. Also signed the lease for our new house! Now, for the packing and moving: UGH.
  • Thursday: baked a cake for the Handyman's bday on Friday! And managed to not lick my fingers even once. Thank goodness Lent is over now.
  • Friday: woke up so early I made it to the gym before work for 2 easy miles + a tiny swim (mostly trying to work on technique, and also because I had to get out of the pool in time for the AquaFit class to take it over) = weekly swim goal DONE. Oh and I got in the last 20 of my pull-ups and push-ups, for 50 total = weekly push-pull goal DONE.
  • Saturday: 10 long miles. My mp3 player died at the start so it was just me and my thoughts. And, somehow, there was a headwind both ways. I think I stopped sweating at mile 7, which was very bad, but perhaps it was just because of the wind + it's pretty dry out right now. Saw my running club finishing their 10 miler at about mile 2 of mine...that was fun. Made it back home in time to go to aerial silks dance class with a friend, where I managed to do two moves all on my own which was completely awesome but not at all reflective of my getting stronger (sigh).
  • Sunday: long-ish bike ride with two slow friends - perhaps I should ride my mountain bike next time I go out with them, it's just cheating to be on a road bike when they're on hybrids. This was intended to = weekly bike goal DONE so we'll call it DONEish. ;)
oh, I did sign up for the MCM 10k in October. I was so so so tempted to sign up for the marathon -- they are masters at the social media, got everyone in a frenzy -- so this is my compromise. I still get to race on that day, and get the newsletters building up to the marathon (I assume?), and feel some of that race energy, but I don't kill myself on a marathon. Distance is not my goal for this year (though it's hard to resist the siren call...).

p.s. = weekly blogging goal DONE. ;)

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