Saturday, April 30, 2011

no no no no

still walking normally, for which I am super grateful. of course I went through a series of muscle aches as muscles I haven't used in a month got called back into action. and apparently flip-flops are a bad idea right now (too flat, no support), so I should be grateful for the return to cooler weather. and the excuse to wear my cute heels...?

I do really miss running though. and I am super tempted to push my recovery so I can get back out there. fortunately(?), my foot is having nothing of it. on Tuesday, I jogged across the street to catch the tail end of a green light, and regretted it for the next 20 minutes. come on, it's a friggin intersection! yesterday, I ran out of PetsMart to my car, and regretted that for a solid 2 miles -- kinda felt like I might throw up from the pain. oy. the instant I move from a walking gait to anything resembling jogging or running, my foot immediately pipes up with "no no no no no no running." grr! dumb foot!

I guess it's time to try the bike again. come on foot, work with me here!

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  1. thanks commenting on my blog! hilarious that your husband has to throw food at you to calm you down. I think Mike was too scared last night!