Wednesday, April 13, 2011

still not running

or walking, for that matter. my ankle/heel is still really painful from the Cherry Blossom race. I'm going to get it x-rayed soon - the Handyman said last night that from the looks of the swelling (I had an unusually active day, trying to keep up with some colleagues walking to/from lunch), he thinks it's a stress fracture. I know he doesn't know bubcus but it still stressed me out to hear it. also, seriously?? I broke my foot by running on it??? lame.

I visited my mom this weekend and she made me use crutches while I was at least I got in a good upper body workout. sigh.


  1. Ugh, if you're still swollen, get to the doc!!! I really hope it's not a stress fracture!

  2. oh, the swelling comes and goes -- usually worse at the end of the day, has been much worse at the end of the past 3 days, been a busy few days and I couldn't stay off the ankle as much as I had been...