Sunday, March 06, 2011

compare, contrast, and learn

my run today = best run ever. Probably because my last run, on Friday = worst run ever. Let's compare.

Friday's run:
  • new route, a slightly-longer 4.2mi run
  • in my Sauconys, because my calves have been giving me major grief when I run in the Vibrams
  • DDR playlist, because I think it makes me fast
  • too many layers, had the top shirt's sleeves pushed up for 3/4 of the run, and thought for a long while about just taking off the heavy shirt
  • possible headwind for the middle half
  • slow, slow, slow. I nearly cried when I saw the final averaged pace. did cry later that evening and the next day, but chalked it up to being a stressed out girl.
Today's run:
  • same route
  • in my Vibrams, because holy God my hip started acting up immediately on Friday, and dang it's debilitating when it does that; I've been uncomfortable and trying to un-tweak it ever since
  • T's playlist, with ruthless skipping around to the faster songs
  • in yoga pants + a short sleeve tech top, perfect for the cloudy-but-warm afternoon
  • fast. dropped almost a minute off of Friday's per-mile pace.
Yeah, really, I think it's just the speed that sold it for me. I spend a fair amount of time wishing I were fast, and being jealous of people who are, and wondering if I really have any right to call myself a runner when I am such a turtle. So earlier this year I drew up a training plan with speed workouts...but quickly determined that other than intervals on the treadmill, I hate speed work. To the point that those workouts nearly turned me off of running entirely. So I backed off, and am back to happily running blithely along. I will probably have to address the speed thing again at some point. But for now, I'm happy to put in some miles, and let the speed come as it may. (Of course, I say that, and then I'm all sad when I have a slow run, and ridiculously excited when I get a fast one.)

I am still not sure, though, what made the difference between Friday and today, and that's driving me a little batty. Let's see what I learned though:
  • don't run in worn out shoes. for heaven's sake, even T knew it was time to retire the Sauconys the instant I mentioned that my hip was acting up again. get new shoes (like the fancy minimalist ones at REI today??), or run solely in the Vibrams.
  • if it looks like it's going to rain, wear a hat. seriously, when are you going to learn this one? while it's true that you no longer live in the second-rainiest city in the US, dark clouds on the horizon, rain in the forecast, and a twitter feed full of rainy runs = hat. jeez.
  • trim T's playlist to just the faster songs. if you're digging a particular song, keep it on repeat. don't get mindlessly sucked into dragging your feet to a too-slow song. make a playlist for the St Paddy's 8k.
Oh yeah. I'm running an 8k in DC next weekend. I will be wearing pink Vibrams. And possibly this:

(actually since I'm trying to PR this race and am not sure I can run with a shamrock face, I might just wear this pre- and post-race)

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