Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have poison ivy. or a very bad reaction to a few spider bites. it's systemic. and I really can't think beyond the itching.

that is all.


  1. ouch ouch ouch! calamine lotion, oatmeal bath, daydreams of hawaii vacations? i'm sorry, i hope it clears up soon!!

    for some reason, your comment went into my spam last week and i only just got it. i'm so sorry, i wasn't ignoring you! that's for the KT tape rec, i think i will def try it!!

  2. @Katie yeah I've been practically bathing in calamine lotion, and am considering the oatmeal bath (freaks me out a little). cold showers have been the thing that has worked the best but brr I hate em.

    aww! that is so weird! I saw the comment post, then it went away and I thought perhaps I had offended. :( :( yes yes, do try it, I've got some on my hip again today and will try taping up the Handyman's ACL tonight. am sooooo sorry you're going through this and just wish I could make it all better.