Friday, May 20, 2011

not to finish, or not to start at all?

I have a half-marathon coming up next Sunday. I will not finish the race -- I'm not trained for it, my ankle's not ready, and my goal for this race has been to reach the finish line happy and healthy, which will not happen if I attempt the full distance. aside from the fact that I signed up for this half-marathon in order to try out a training regime, and that's obviously gone out the window...I'm wondering, should I even bother to show up for the race at all?? I want to. it's a two-loop course so I could easily stop at mile 8...but I'm not sure I can even make it that far. which is heartbreaking in and of itself. :(

so. DNS, or DNF??


  1. Would you be able to finish the distance if you walked? You could run/walk it if walking isn't an issue.

  2. I second Kandi's idea. And at least pick up your shirt since you paid for it!